Kallèis Cosmetics -- Made in Italy

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Kallèis Cosmetics -- Made in Italy

Carla & Gianfranco in the Kalléis Shop, Vincenza, Italy


Strong and simple as nature, rigorous as science, effective just as Kalléis can be. 

As a family business, the Kallèis brand was founded in 2008 in Vincenza, Italy from the chemistry and cosmetology experiences of its creators from their work in the field of research and development of active ingredients and raw materials for the cosmetic industry.

With a love for cosmetics and a spirit for entrepreneurship, Maria "Carla" Cattaneo and her husband Gianfranco Baldo, together with a team of bright and qualified technicians, developed a series of important patents in the production of cosmetics that inspired them to create their own brand of cosmetics which they named Kalléis.

The name Kallèis comes from the union of two Greek words, Kalos and Eleis, which mean BEAUTIFUL and OLIVE, a name that evokes the principles on which this cosmetic line was created.  Inspired by natural and classical beauty, Kallèis draws its effectiveness and strength from nature, combined with the knowledge of science applied with conscience.

There are 4 principles adhered to by the Kalléis company which are referred to by Carla and her team as the 4S rules:

✔️Always …. work with complex formulas and ingredients that work in synergy with each other.

✔️Always …. make a great formula - every ingredient needs to be dosed and positioned at its best within a composition to be as effective as possible.

✔️Always …. dermatologically skin compatible products.

✔️Always …. use pure ingredients within compositions, with pharmaceutical extraction and certification (ie extracted with certain techniques to preserve all their capabilities).

At the base of the entire Kallèis line is their patented and certified Ecocert emulsion (PEG free, 99% biodegradable) called OLIVOIL, born from the study of archeo-cosmetics, the ancient manufacturing processes of early cosmetics.  The main ingredient is extra virgin olive oil which in ancient times was left to age and condense, then used on the skin to soothe and intervene with aging of the skin.

This ancient condensation process inspired Kallèis’ creation of this new important molecule called OLIVOIL, an extremely powerful and fast-absorbing natural emulsifier of natural vegetal origin. Olive oil used as an ingredient is certainly not a novelty, it is Kallèis' patented type of processing which allows for this emulsions rapid absorption and penetration that allow other actives to penetrate the skin more deeply.

Kalléis products are certified by ECOCERT which was introduced in 2003.  It is the first organization in Europe to develop standards for “natural and organic cosmetics”, and guarantees the user the highest standards in the controls. This organic certification is not only to the finished product, the strict rules of organic certification must be rigorously respected through the manufacturing process as well.

Kallèis general presentation is also special having adopted their artistic impression by expressing classical female beauty through design; an emerging Italian artist, Francesco D'Isa created these works to represent each Kalléis product line. 


As a European favourite, this Italian cosmetics brand is focused on improving your appearance with proven natural and organic ingredients sourced and produced in Italy.

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 Team Kalléis


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